FAQ Friday: Where Can I Find the Student Achievement Certificates?

When a student has completed all of the lessons in a Learning Upgrade course, they earn a certificate of achievement. If all lessons have been completed at a success rate of 95% or better it will be gold. If the student has a success rate of 90%-94% a silver certificate will be earned, and a bronze certificate will be earned for a success rate of 75%-89%. Teachers can easily view all students who have completed the Learning Upgrade courses at these levels and print out the certificates.

Step 1: Log in to your Learning Upgrade teacher account and select ‘Teacher Menu’

Step 2: From the ‘Teacher Menu’ click the link for ‘Student Monitor’

Step 3: In the student monitor, you can sort your students so that those who have earned a certificate appear at the top. Click the ‘Certificates’ icon at the bottom.

Step 4: Click on the certificate image next to the students name

Step 5: Click Print

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