FAQ Friday: How Do I Sign Up for a Free Teacher Evaluation Course or School Pilot?

This post is to address the question of how to sign up for a free teacher evaluation course or school pilot.

1.) The first step is to identify whether or not you qualify. For either submission, you MUST have a valid school email address from a site in the United States. Submissions using personal email accounts will not be accepted. A teacher evaluation course may be requested by any teacher or administrator with a valid school email address. This evaluation includes a code for 1 student course and 1 teacher course of your choice. A 30 student school pilot can only be submitted by a school principal. This pilot will allow 30 students and a teacher full access to all Learning Upgrade courses and services.

2.) To apply for a no-cost teacher evaluation course, submit the form at the following link: http://www.learningupgrade.com/code/form_TeacherEval.asp

3.) To apply for a no-cost 30 student pilot, submit the form at the following link: http://www.learningupgrade.com/code/form_PrincipalPilot.asp

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