FAQ Friday: Can Two Teachers Have Access to One Student Account?

Q: Can Two Teachers Have Access to One Student Account?

A: Yes

We find that this is a common question asked by resource teachers, librarians, after school teachers/coordinators, and anyone working with students where they are not the primary instructor.

For teachers and administrators to do this, they will have to request (and be granted) “admin” access for their Learning Upgrade account.

With “admin” access, users will see a list of the teacher accounts at their school in the Teacher Menu. From this drop down box they can switch between teachers to view their classes and students.

If you have a pullout class you want to monitor with the Student Monitor, you can create a new class under your user account, then search for your students under a different teacher and click EDIT next to their name. Set yourself as “Teacher 2”, and the class as “Class 2”. Then, you can monitor this student even if another teacher has enrolled them.

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