A Wonderful Letter from a Family Using Learning Upgrade

I wanted to share with you how Learning Upgrade has positively impacted my family.

Throughout elementary school, my daughter’s teachers allowed her to work on math at a grade level above her classmates through assorted workbooks. That is until 5th grade when her math teacher admitted that she did not know how to meet my daughter’s educational needs. I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands & purchased the Learning Upgrade Pre-Algebra program for her in January of her 5th grade year. That June, after completing the majority of the program, she tested out of 6th grade math & was placed in a 7th grade math classroom during 6th grade. She maintained a 100 average in her 7th grade math class as a 6th grader. Her plan was then to take Algebra when she got to 7th grade, so I purchased the Learning Upgrade Algebra program for her in January & she aced the Algebra qualifying exam in May. She currently has a 100 average in Algebra this year as well. Too bad Learning Upgrade doesn’t have a Geometry package!!

I am using this same process for my son who is currently in 5th grade. I’ll let you know how he does. Thank you for an affordable & comprehensive online program.


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