Algebra Upgrade

Helping students pass Algebra 1 and Basic Algebra

Makes difficult concepts easy with 60 step-by-step lessons. The enjoyable songs, video, and games help students pass Basic Algebra and Algebra 1 classes.

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-60 lessons cover linear functions, inequalities, systems, polynomials, quadratics

-Teaching content Algebra 1

-For students in Algebra 1 or Basic Algebra classes

-Typical Hours to Achieve Gold Certificate: 25 to 30 hours

-Typical Number Of One Period Sessions for Gold: 40 sessions

-Weeks to Complete At 3 Weekly One Period Sessions: 12 to 20+ weeks

8 thoughts on “Algebra Upgrade

  1. Algebra 1 is fairly easy, as this is my second or third week and I have already advanced to level 52. If only Algebra 2 existed……

  2. Very nice, and the style that it’s presented is sure to make education more fun for younger audiences. Good work, guys!

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