English Upgrade 1 and 2

Common core with phonics, reading, writing, and grammar
Each course covers the Common Core ELA standards for one grade level through 60 step-by-step lessons. The enjoyable songs, video, and games help each student to master every standard.

English Upgrade 1: Play DemoFree Home Trial

– 60 lessons cover reading, phonics, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary
– covers the Common Core Standards ELA Grade 1
– can be used for intervention / remediation grades 2+
– effective with special needs and English learners
– Typical Hours to Achieve Gold Certificate: 15+ hours
– Typical Number Of One Period Sessions for Gold: 20 sessions
– Weeks to Complete At 3 Weekly One Period Sessions: 8 to 12 weeks

English Upgrade 2:Play DemoFree Home Trial

34 thoughts on “English Upgrade 1 and 2

  1. Tiffany N.,
    We are starting with English Upgrade 1 for 1st grade. After that
    we will move up the grades from 2 to 8, so yes you will see 5th and 6th
    in the future!
    Best wishes,
    Vinod, Learning Upgrade

  2. English Upgrade 1 will have 60 levels covering the Common Core Standards for English, 1st Grade.

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