Pre-Algebra Upgrade

Pre AlgebraPrepare students for Algebra 1

Makes difficult concepts easy with 60 step-by-step lessons. The enjoyable songs, video, and games help students quickly reach mastery.


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– 60 lessons cover algebra basics, graphing, geometry, exponents, statistics

– Teaching content grades 6 to 8

– For students grades 6 to 12 and adults preparing for Algebra 1

-Typical Hours to Achieve Gold Certificate: 20 to 25 hours

-Typical Number Of One Period Sessions for Gold: 30 sessions

-Weeks to Complete At 3 Weekly One Period Sessions: 8 to 14 weeks

4 thoughts on “Pre-Algebra Upgrade

  1. The peeps that are using this program need the boost for when they switch to Algebra 1 with those insanely hard Quadratic Equation. It’s Easier with Algebra 1 upgrade.

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