Welcome To Our New Website!

We’ve made a few changes and additions to improve the Learning Upgrade experience for teachers, students, and parents. We’ve kept all of the features from the previous page, and blended them with new features to engage our users in a social and interactive platform.

Things You’ll Notice:

1.) New menu layout with a “Featured Post”

2.) New color coded course icons

3.) Links to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts

4.) New designated tab for our FAQ section

5.) New designated section for Learning Upgrade News

We’d love to hear any thoughts or comments you have. Feel free to post a reply on this page, call us at 800-998-8864, or send an email to info@learningupgrade.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Our New Website!

  1. If this is the final website I am afraid that there are too many possible distractions for younger students. Many items to “click” on the webpage before login. This works well for teachers but, in my opinion, perhaps not for students..

  2. Gary,

    We appreciate the feedback. We will be monitoring this. Please let us know if you find the younger students being distracted by the extra clickable options.

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