Student Makes Huge Gains With Reading Upgrade!

My son started with the reading upgrade you provided last summer after kindergarten. He worked very diligently until level 28 or so and it got a little hard for  him. We provided an incentive and he pushed through it. This spring break he completed the entire program. My son is now reading chapter books and loving every minute of it. But it gets even better. We went through two teachers this year in the first grade needless to say the teaching situation was not stellar. I am thoroughly convinced that my son knows how to read because of Learning upgrade. My son is also a student with a speech iep who did not speak a word until almost three. CAN I SAY I AM THRILLED, this would be an understatement!!

Karen Anderson, Teacher, San Diego CA

2 thoughts on “Student Makes Huge Gains With Reading Upgrade!

  1. My name is Marlon Shackelford and I live in Dayton,Ohio and I am a consultant for Dayton Schools and work with more than 12,000 students yearly.Donna Goode Rickman introduced this to me and my spiritual daughter Imani, who happens to be 6 years old and 3.5 grades ahead of schedule. She was becoming bored with math and this program is challenging her, she is now teaching her siblings that are 8/9 years old. This program is not just good for assisting students that need help, but also students that are advanced. Thank you Vinod, I will be referring this program to our district !!!! We Feel’ REEEAL GOOD’ About this !

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