Reduce Algebra 1 Fear With A Summer Prep Course

Algebra 1: Just the class name strikes fear in the hearts of students!  What if you could prepare students with a rigorous online course over the summer, so they could start the year with confidence?

That is what students at San Diego Unified have been doing for the past three years.  Teachers enroll at-risk students who will start Algebra 1 in the fall into Pre-Algebra Upgrade for summer school. The 20-hour, 60-lesson course reviews a wide variety of topics including fractions, equations, measurement, geometry, graphing, and statistics.  The idea is to provide a solid foundation for Algebra 1.

Students who did well in Pre-Algebra can start directly in the Algebra Upgrade course for the summer.  This course covers the Algebra 1 curriculum in 60 lessons that take about 25 hours to complete.  The student should earn a Gold certificate before the first day of school. Then, the student can review back when they reach a topic in Algebra class.

Whether you choose Pre-Algebra Upgrade for review or Algebra Upgrade to give students a head start, the key is pacing.  Students should complete lessons each week in 30 to 60 minute daily sessions.  By monitoring students working at school or at home, you can keep them on track for a Gold certificate before school starts.  Success in the summer can reduce fear in the fall!


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  1. My students are not scared at all of algebra, and pre algebra they are very prepared, and mature kids

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