Florida Middle School Shows Great Gains With Learning Upgrade

Learning Upgrade,

Once again I am happy to report that the test scores went really well using the learning upgrade system.  Our students had an 11 point average over their projected scores on the TCAP exam.  Two students had as much as a 24 point gain over their projections.  This system has proven itself once again.  Thank you for the opportunity for letting our students further their education through your system.  With many school systems focusing on math scores this program has been a major asset in assisting our students to make gains and should be able to help any student on any level.  We look forward to using this system again.



R. Anderson

Happy Valley Middle School

8th grade math

2 thoughts on “Florida Middle School Shows Great Gains With Learning Upgrade

  1. Today, English Upgrade 1 Beta is now available! It is joined on Math Upgrade 2-6, Algebra 1 Upgrade, Pre-Algebra Upgrade, Reading Upgrade and Comprehension Upgrade on Learning Upgrade! We have 6 upgrade demos that are unlocked. Before English Upgrade 1 was unlocked, it was locked. Coming soon is the English Upgrade 1 Demo Course Description. Today, enjoy all the demos on Learning Upgrade. Parents are allowed to enroll their students in a Free Trial Course. Middle School will be allowed to prepare for Algebra 1.

    Happy working!
    Obinna Nwakwue
    2nd Grade- Barrington Place Elementary

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