LU Training Has Launched!


We have launched our new training page, LU Training. This page will be dedicated to providing Learning Upgrade users with text and video instruction on all things related to Learning Upgrade. 

You can find LU Training by clicking the “Training” link located on our main menu, or at this direct address:

Here is a sample of one of our new LU Training videos: 

Take a look at a few of our new sections, and feel free to leave us a comment with training videos you would like to see in the future.

Getting Started:

– LU Training: Creating a New Username and Password

– LU Training: Creating a New Class and Adding Students

– LU Training: Adding Courses to a Student Account


Training Presentations Slides

Options in the Teacher Menu:

LU Training: Edit the Level of a Student Course

– LU Training: Printing Passwords and Parent Letters

– LU Training: Adding a Teacher Whiteboard Course

– LU Training: Removing a Course from a Student Account

In The Classroom:

– Learning Upgrade at Perry Elementary San Diego Unified

– Learning Upgrade At Gompers Preparatory Academy San Diego

Learning Upgrade at Lewis Middle with Anne Jones

– Algebra Upgrade at Montgomery Middle with Caroline Morse

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  1. I just completed all the Learning Upgrade courses! I used math, pre-algebra, algebra, reading, comprehension and English to complete all 4 lessons!

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