Math Upgrade 1-8

Common Core, Fill in gaps, Raise students up to grade level

Each course covers the Common Core math standards for one grade level through 60 step-by-step lessons. The enjoyable songs, video, and games help each student to master every standard.


Math Upgrade 1: Play Demo1home

  • Covers 1st grade Core standards with review, including counting, addition, measurement and shapes

Math Upgrade 2: Play DemoFree Home Trial

  • Covers 2nd grade Core standards with review

Math Upgrade 3: Play DemoFree Home Trial

  • Covers 3rd grade Core standards with review

Math Upgrade 4: Play DemoFree Home Trial

  • Covers 4th grade Core standards with review

Math Upgrade 5: Play DemoFree Home Trial

  • Covers 5th grade Core standards with review

Math Upgrade 6: M6 Play DemoM6 Free Home Trial

  • Covers 6th grade Core standards with review

Math Upgrade 7: Coming Soon!

Math Upgrade 8: Coming Soon!

Math Upgrade Review: Play DemoFree Home Trial

  • Review of grades 3 to 6 for intervention, not a Common Core course
  • Enables students to review, fill in gaps, and catch up
  • College: covers Basic Math classes
  • Arithmetic, Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Statistics: Teaching Content


– 60 lessons cover common core standards for one grade level

– Each course reviews back to previous year standards

– For students who are struggling with math

-Typical Hours to Achieve Gold Certificate: 20 to 25 hours

-Typical Number Of One Period Sessions for Gold: 30 sessions

-Weeks to Complete At 3 Weekly One Period Sessions: 8 to 14 weeks

12 thoughts on “Math Upgrade 1-8

  1. Learning Upgrade, you should now add paragraphing to all of the other writing
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    paragraph writing skills. Many citizens just do not know when to start new
    paragraphs as they write letters, speeches, stories, etc.

  2. I stopped on Math Upgrade 5! It’s because I completed the courses 2-4. Here’s a story:
    This afternoon I got on my dad’s computer to go to When I finally got there, I started Math Upgrade from Math Upgrade 2, next, Level 3, then, Level 4. When I finally reached Math Upgrade 5, I started Level 8, Multiplication Basics. When Dad told me to get out of the computer, I got off right away. When I got out, I saw Dad and I was scared because he scared me. Before I got on again, Ayo and her family came. Before they left, I saw Ikenna playing with Obi’s Nintendo 3DS. Then when I got back, I started writing this comment.

  3. Dear Roberta Gallant,
    I’m back from my computer break and I’m not sure if I should start over or not. I just left off Level 14, Fractions Basics on Math Upgrade 6 review. and I forgot to let my parents know that I should enroll my self in a free trial. So should I start over or start from where I left off the previous day because I was out from this website for 2 days. I started on Sunday, January 13, 2013 from Math Upgrade 2 for 30 minutes. Will you let me know where to start?

    Here are the courses of my version in order:
    1. Math Upgrade 2
    2. Math Upgrade 3
    3. Math Upgrade 4
    4. Math Upgrade 5
    5. Math Upgrade 6 Review
    6. Pre-Algebra Upgrade (for grades 6-12- incapable at 12-)
    7. Algebra Upgrade (for grades 8-12- incapable at 14-)
    8. Reading Upgrade (for grades 3-12- incapable at 9-)
    9. Comprehension Upgrade (for grades 5-12- incapable at 11-)
    10. English 1 Upgrade (for 1st Grade- incapable at 7+)
    That’s the order.

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