Will My Students Finish Their Courses In Time?

Our new Student Pacing Report for teachers helps you answer this question. The report shows the pace of every student, and estimates each students’ hours to completion on their assigned courses. You can specify a completion date, and it will display the hours per week needed for each student to complete each course.  For example, put in the date for an upcoming state test, and you can see what each student needs to do each week to finish before the test.


To view the report for your students, sign in to your teacher account and go to the REPORTS tab. Select the Student Pacing Report. You can select a class, or view all your classes.

To sort by any column, click the column header.

This report can help you determine which students are struggling, and which students need additional time each week on the program.

Please give us feedback on this new report, so we can improve it!