Sheer Love Rwanda: Transforming Lives through Education in Kigali

Nestled in the heart of Kigali, Rwanda, Sheer Love Rwanda is an extraordinary organization with a singular mission – to provide education, family, and community to local street children who lack a support network. Founded by Alexis (Amani) Simbayobewe, a former street child himself, Sheer Love Rwanda emerged on a memorable Christmas Day in 2017. Alexis, driven by his personal experiences, had long dedicated his time and holidays to spending precious moments with the street children of his community. It was during these interactions that he came to a profound realization – there was a pressing need for a support system that could cater to the most vulnerable children in the community.

Sheer Love Rwanda is not merely an organization; it is a beacon of hope. It extends far beyond providing resources for children who call the streets their home. It is a lifeline that offers pathways for these children to be reintegrated into their communities, access to education, and empowerment programs for families. What sets Sheer Love apart is its innovative approach, aimed at addressing the immediate crisis while actively working to prevent it from affecting the next generation.

Today, Sheer Love Rwanda is actively engaged with a group of forty-four children. The journey of supporting these young lives is a collaborative effort that involves local government bodies, parents, guardians, and the dedicated team at Sheer Love Rwanda. This collective effort has borne fruit, as these children now have a safe and nurturing family network, a community that values their presence, and the invaluable opportunity to pursue their dreams through education.

Education is at the core of Sheer Love Rwanda’s programs. The organization recognizes that education is the cornerstone for breaking the cycle of poverty and nurturing a brighter future for these children. Among the various educational initiatives, Sheer Love Rwanda places significant emphasis on Learning Upgrade. This program equips children with the tools to learn English and master math. Learning Upgrade’s flexible approach allows children to progress at their own pace, starting from their current level. In a country where English serves as the primary language of education, Learning Upgrade is a transformative tool that expands access to education and accelerates the growth of young learners.

Sheer Love Rwanda is more than an organization; it is a testament to the power of compassion and determination. It stands as a symbol of hope for Rwanda’s marginalized children, providing them with the support and resources they need to rise above adversity. Through education and empowerment, Sheer Love Rwanda is not just changing lives – it is shaping the future of Rwanda, one child at a time. If you find inspiration in their mission, consider joining hands with them on this transformative journey. Together, we can make a profound impact and bring enduring smiles to the faces of these deserving children.