Diverse District Sees Dramatic Improvements in SPED, ELL, and Struggling Learners After Adopting Learning Upgrade

Differentiated math and ELA curriculum incorporates animations, music, and games to engage students. Sweetwater Union High School District is a district rich in diversity with a student population speaking a variety of languages including Arabic, Cantonese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, English, among others. Serving 42,000 students in grades 7-12, a majority of the students are… Read More

Learning Upgrade Helps Majority of Baker Elementary ELLs Achieve Reclassification

Results show students achieve significant gains in learning English after completing the digital ELA curriculum. Baker Elementary School is a 100% Title I school with 67% of students identified as English learners. At Baker, 83% of students are predominately Spanish-speaking, and 43% of them don’t speak English at home. With the implementation of the Every… Read More

Learning Upgrade Summer School—Digital Style

From Rachel Norris at The Learning Council: As we head towards the end of the school year and preparations get underway for summer school programs, many teachers and administrators are asking two important questions: “How do we gain improved willingness and involvement from students who need to attend?” And, “How do we translate that into… Read More

Basic Math Improvements With Upgrade Courses at Florida State

A group of Basic Math classes at Florida State College at Jacksonville improved from a 66.75% passing rate in Fall 2011 to 84.5% average in Fall 2012 after using Learning Upgrade courses. Dr. Sarae Mathews shared the results from her Basic Math MAT0018 classes.  Students completed the Pre-Alebra Upgrade 60-lesson online course from Learning Upgrade. In addition, they… Read More