Schools are facing a difficult transition to the Common Core Standards.  Our Common Core Solution (click for PDF) helps every student master the standards and succeed on the new computer-based tests.

Learning Upgrade’s common core solution:

  • provides instruction for all Common Core math/ELA standards grades 1 to 8+
    • whole-class interactive lessons and individual differentiated online courses
    • fill in gaps in previous-year standards with intensive intervention
    • achieve mastery on grade level standards with tracking and reporting
  • helps teachers and students transition to Common Core instruction during 2013/14
  • uses summer 2014 to fill in gaps in previous year standards at school and at home
  • provides comprehensive Common Core instruction / intervention for 2014/15
  • makes students comfortable with the new learning environment
    • practice solving Core-style problems with step-by-step remediation
    • practice answering online multi-step problems with rich interaction
  • helps schools achieve success in 2015 Common Core instruction and testing

Schools with a license for our courses automatically have access to all the new courses as they are released.

To view course lesson lists aligned to each standard, click the Core Alignment buttons on our Courses page.

For more details, read our Common Core Solution document by clicking here:

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