The Learning Upgrade App and Learning Management System

Student App Features

22 Courses

The Learning Upgrade App has 22 courses with 1020 lessons covering math, English, and digital literacy

Easy Onboarding

Students can remotely self-enroll using their own smartphones and devices

Mobile and Web

Learning Upgrade is available on iOS, Android, and the web

Placement Tests

Students can take a placement test when enrolling, and be placed in the appropriate course

Teacher LMS Features

See Indivdual Growth

Individual student reports track growth by lesson, course, and subject area

Monitor Class Participation

See when students are logging in, which lessons they're working on, and when they complete a course

View In-Depth Reports

Table friendly reports provide helpful insights for actionable feedback for students, classes, and entire sites

Admin Accounts

Admin accounts allow tracking of multiple teacher accounts, multiple sites, or multiple districts with one login

The Learning Upgrade Student App

A one app solution for English, math, and digital literacy


Available Everywhere

Available on the web, smartphones, and tablets. Students self-enroll into engaging courses with full instruction, followed by practice questions that provide instant vocal and visual remediation.

Standard-Based and Engaging

Each account provides access to 1020 standard-based lessons that use songs, video, and games to teach.

Individualized, self paced, and comprehensive

Easy Student Onboarding

Learning Upgrade enables students to remotely self-enroll into standards-based math and English courses using their own smartphones and devices.

Student Self Enrollment

Students can self-enroll using a teacher issued class code. Students that self-enroll will automatically show in their teacher's LMS account for immediate tracking and reporting.

Teacher Student Enrollment

Teachers can create student login accounts for each student, select courses, and then issue student login information.

Students can directly enroll in a course or take a Learning Upgrade placement test for automatic course enrollment

Learning Management System

Track and monitor all student activity in real time

Access a real-time view of every student’s progress on every lesson and standard

Create web-based reports for individual students, classes, and entire sites with interactive features

Track session data, device usage, time-on-task by date range, and more

Admin accounts provide reports to monitor multiple sites, teachers, classes, schools, and more

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