Helping Learners Upskill in English, Math, and Job Skills

Learning Upgrade empowers education providers around the globe to rapidly upskill their learners in English ESL, math, test prep, and job skills via an engaging mobile solution.

What is Learning Upgrade?

Transforming Lives Through Learning

A Math, Literacy, and Digital Skills App for Everyone

Learning Upgrade gives each student their own path to learning success.  The program offers over 1,000+ lessons and 24 courses that work with students of all ages and abilities. The Learning Upgrade LMS enables teachers to track student progress in real-time.


Learning Upgrade ESL Solution Smartphone Courses

Student App Features

24 Courses

The Learning Upgrade App has 22 courses with 1020 lessons covering math, English, and digital literacy

Easy Onboarding

Students can remotely self-enroll using their own smartphones and devices

Mobile and Web

Learning Upgrade is available on iOS, Android, and the web

Placement Tests

Students can take a placement test when enrolling, and be placed in the appropriate course

Teacher LMS Features

See Indivdual Growth

Individual student reports track growth by lesson, course, and subject area

Monitor Class Participation

See when students are logging in, which lessons they're working on, and when they complete a course

View In-Depth Reports

Table friendly reports provide helpful insights for actionable feedback for students, classes, and entire sites

Admin Accounts

Admin accounts allow tracking of multiple teacher accounts, multiple sites, or multiple districts with one login

Learning Upgrade Courses

1 App - 24 Courses - 1020 Lessons

A one app solution for English, math, and digital literacy


Available Everywhere

Available on the web, smartphones, and tablets. Students self-enroll into engaging courses with full instruction, followed by practice questions that provide instant vocal and visual remediation.

Standard-Based and Engaging

Each account provides access to 1020 standard-based lessons that use songs, video, and games to teach.

Individualized, self paced, and comprehensive

Learning Upgrade ESL Solution Smartphone Courses

Learning Upgrade Solutions

Adult Ed, K-12, ESL, Math, HSE, Refugee, Migrant

Adult Education: Literacy, ESL, Math, HSE

Instructors for traditional and blended-learning classes can use remote onboarding to enroll learners and then track progress.  Tutor-based literacy programs including libraries can transition from in-person to home learning using remote onboarding, automatic placement, and tracking.  The smartphone-based remote curriculum includes Literacy, ESL, ABE, Math, and GED Prep content.

K-12, Special Ed, Gifted

Teachers and schools can use remote onboarding with student or parent smartphones to give students engaging lessons in a standards-based curriculum.  Teachers working from home can place students with special needs or gifted students at different levels and then track progress and reward success.

English Learners

Students at all ESL levels can onboard into a proven curriculum using teacher or automatic placement.  The step-by-step lessons with interactive voice and visual help give students a path upward to English proficiency using their own smartphones and devices at home.

Immigrant and Refugee

Remote onboarding and smartphone-based learning can help families who are homeless, migrants, or refugees cope with school closures.  New approaches for delivering learning to these communities developed over the past two years can be scaled up rapidly.


Through Learning Upgrade employers can enrich the lives of their associates by moving them up to proficiency in reading and math.  Each associate can use their own smartphone at home or computers at work to complete a full literacy and numeracy curriculum. The app can move an associate up to the level where traditional workforce training becomes effective.

The Mobile Learning Fund

Grants for Learning Upgrade

ProLiteracy’s Mobile Learning Fund provides adult literacy programs and their students with digital education materials to help teach adults to read. Subscriptions and licenses for Learning Upgrade are available for FREE through ProLiteracy’s Mobile Learning Fund. The Dollar General Literacy Foundation has generously awarded ProLiteracy $50,000, specifically for Learning Upgrade licenses.

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