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Join us in our mission to transform the lives of 1 billion people with upskilling in literacy, math, and technology.  We collaborate with a variety of partners to reach people across the globe.

Education Providers

Learning Upgrade works with a wide variety of education providers to help students make learning breakthroughs. Our proven library of over 1,000 innovative lessons lets students learn anywhere and anytime on a variety of devices. Partner with us to reach more students and accelerate learning outcomes.

Featured Education Provider

Sweetwater Schools

Sweetwater Adult Education uses Learning Upgrade to provide a blended learning experience to students in their adult school. Students using the Learning Upgrade app have made substantial growth in their literacy and math scores.

Publishers & Resellers

Learning Upgrade partners with education publishers and distributors to create breakthrough learning solutions for students around the world.  Through innovative collaborations, we have combined our award-winning lesson library with our partners’ learning systems and distribution channels. Partner with us to bring life-transforming learning to your customers.

Featured Publisher/Reseller

Let’s Go Learn

Let’s Go Learn has integrated Learning Upgrade’s lesson library with their own diagnostic assessments to create an integrated solution with personalized instruction and actionable real-time data.


Learning Upgrade partners with governments and non-profit organizations to expand access to learning for underserved populations.  Our shared goal is to reach the millions of children and adults struggling with poverty, literacy, and language. Partner with us to expand access to learning that can bridge gaps and transform lives.  

Featured NGO

ProLiteracy NRP

ProLiteracy and Learning Upgrade believe that every adult has a right to literacy. With the Learning Upgrade app, ProLiteracy has been able help adult learners at their member sites make literacy breakthroughs.


Learning Upgrade partners with companies to bring breakthrough learning to employees, customers, and communities.  Through collaborations our learning solutions can help low-literacy employees move up to higher positions. Partner with us to transform lives in your company and community.

Featured Corporate Partner

Grand Pacific Resorts

Learning Upgrade is used in hospitality to improve the language skills of front line workers.

LMS Providers

Learning Upgrade partners with providers of learning management systems to bring our award-winning library of over 1,000 lessons to new communities of students.  Our partners integrate our lesson content into their platforms to create new courses and solutions.  Partner with us to upgrade your learning content and transform the lives of your students.

Featured LMS Provider

Gooru Navigator

Navigator is a GPS for Learning that provides a personalized route based on each learner’s current proficiency, portfolio, preferences and mindsets. Navigator assigns Learning Upgrade lessons to address each student’s needs.

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