Summer Learning Success At No Cost For Qualifying Schools!

Learning Upgrade offers a full curriculum of standards-based reading and math courses for your students to complete over the summer. Here’s how we can help your students achieve summer learning success:

  • students complete a standards-based sequence of lessons in 20 to 30 hours
    see our list of courses and alignments
  • lessons feature songs, video, and games to motivate students over the summer
    play a demo lesson
  • lessons are completed at school or at home to fit a variety of summer programs
  • the program provides students with immediate feedback, support and remediation, and automatically advances to the next lesson when students are ready
  • progress is tracked by school and district educators using web reports
  • students earn Gold certificates for completing their summer courses to mastery

To sign up for a free school-wide summer license, Click Here, mention “Summer School” in the information box, and include the number of student licenses you need.

Once you receive your license, we can help you enroll your students and track their progress to master.  We can also provide web training sessions with your teachers at no cost.


5 Ways to Maximize Summer Learning

Do you want to get the most out of your free Learning Upgrade summer license? Here are five ways proven effective in past years:

  1. Students can learn everywhere: students can complete online lessons at school, at home, or at a library or community center.  They need to receive the correct initial instructions and motivation.  Show students how to sign in and have supervised sessions to get started.  Then incentivize students to complete lessons at home on their own time to earn rewards or recognition.
  2. The Gold Certificate:  achieving a Learning Upgrade gold certificate requires hard work to complete 50 or 60 lessons to 96% or above.  Make earning a gold certificate the goal from day one, with clear incentives to achieve this milestone.  The bronze certificate (75% mastery) can be an intermediate goal to keep students going.
  3. Class and School Wide Tracking:  Learning Upgrade provides reports at the teacher or class level, as well as the school level, to track every student’s progress to mastery.  Our Pacing report estimates remaining hours and shows whether each student is on track to complete a course by the completion date.  Tracking students at the school level ensures accountability and success.
  4. Get Parents Involved: if parents know the goal of a gold certificate by a certain date, they can be a partner in the summer learning process.  Learning Upgrade provides detailed reports that parents and students can view at home.  School staff can tell parents that students that are falling behind, making catch-up at home possible.
  5. Celebrate Success:  there’s nothing like a celebration to get students motivated.  Have a set of rewards for students who earn a bronze or gold certificate, with a celebration to mark the end of the summer session.  Hand out gold certificates printed on thick paper to each student, as a “graduation style” reward.


Your School Can Afford Summer School!

If your school or district does not fund a formal summer school program with students coming to school, you can still provide successful summer learning to your students.  Just as schools often give students a summer reading list, you can provide a students with an engaging standards-aligned course to complete at home!   Here’s how:

  • apply for a free Learning Upgrade school-wide summer license (click here)
  • during the last weeks of school (May/June) enroll each returning student in one course
  • if possible, also enroll incoming new students in one course
  • courses are selected to help students fill gaps in learning and prepare for the new year
  • give students a goal of a gold certificate by the first day of school
  • one educator tracks student progress and communicates with students/parents over the summer, motivating students and notifying parents when students are falling behind
  • at the start of school, rewards are given for each student who completes a course. Have a celebration for those who earn a certificate as a reward.


Prevent the Summer Slide with Proven Curriculum

Research from the National Summer Learning Association shows that, without refreshing their memories, students may lose up to two months of grade-level equivalency over the summer.

Summer is a fantastic time to engage all learners, and prevent the dreaded summer slide, especially for students that may need extra help catching up or keeping up with their classmates.

Through the incorporation of songs, video, games and extensive educational research, Learning Upgrade has helped over 1 million students reach and exceed grade level requirements in both Math and English Language Arts. By using proven curriculum, you can help your students avoid the summer slide and return to school ready for success.


Sign Up For a Free Summer License 

To sign up for a free school-wide summer license, Click Here, mention “Summer School” in the information box, and include the number of student licenses you need.