Getting Started:

Getting Started With Your Learning Upgrade License

This guide will walk you through the steps to create your teacher account and student accounts. You can have your class ready in minutes.

Learning Upgrade Implementation Guide

This guide will help you identify who needs support and will also help you identify which courses to assign for your students. This guide also explains where to complete courses, when students should work on courses, and how you can track your students to mastery.

Learning Upgrade School Pacing Guide

Are you ready to move every student to a Gold Certificate and mastery? Use this pacing guide to put a detailed plan in place.

Teacher’s Menu Support:

Students Tab Support

  • Check your license
  • Add Students
  • Add Teachers
  • Print Passwords
  • Student Monitor
  • Launch Quickstart
  • Edit Students
  • Add Course
  • Remove Students

Courses Tab Support

  • View Reports
  • Remove Courses
  • Renew Courses
  • Add Courses
  • Edit Levels

Classes Tab Support

  • Add Classes
  • Edit Class Name
  • Remove Class
  • Edit Class Courses