Gains of 57 Points on Texas TAKS Reading/ELA In Houston ISD

Washinghon High, HISD, Houston

A group of 54 high school at risk students reading at the elementary level completed the Reading Upgrade and Comprehension Upgrade online courses. 80% of the students made gains in TAKS, with a 57-point average gain. This compared to a 6-point average gain overall in the school.

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California CST Gains of 25 Points in 8th Grade Math

Voluntary Before-School Program Produces Significant Math Growth

A group of 45 students completed the Math Upgrade pre-algebra course in before-school voluntary sessions at a middle school computer lab. Gains of 1 CST point per level completed and 4 CST points per hour on the course were measured. 22 of the students earned a one category jump from below basic to basic, and 3 students earned a 2 category jump from below basic to proficient.

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Gains in Math & Algebra In San Diego Area Summer School

Over 1,000 students enrolled, gains in just 19 days of instruction

Students completed Learning Upgrade courses at a number of schools in a San Diego area district. Students made gains of 42% on the district pre-algebra test after completing the Math Upgrade course, and gains of 26% on the algebra test after completing the Algebra Upgrade course. The rapid gains were made within a four week summer session.

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Gains of 1.6 Years Average For Middle School Intervention With Math Upgrade

by Amy English, Math Dept Chair
Knight Middle School, Louisville Kentucky

A group of 57 students Grades 6 to 8 completed Math Upgrade lessons as part of math intervention classes in Fall 2007. The students were assessed at the elementary level in math before the intervention. Each week, students completed 2 to 3 sessions of 40 minutes length with the course. By the end of the semester, students had gained an average of 1.6 years on the STAR MATH assessment. All but one student showed improvement, with 68% showing gains of 1 year or more.

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Successful Summer 8th Grade Math Intervention

Gains of 72% On District Pre-Algebra Test Within 4 Weeks

A group of 173 students in 8th Grade Retention completed Math Upgrade lessons as part of math intervention summer school classes in July 2008. Each student completed lessons on a student computer using the online course, with repetition to mastery. District and school staff tracked progress using web-based reports. By the end of the 19-day summer session, students scores had increased an average of 72% on the district paper pre-algebra assessment. Many students earned scores high enough to pass out of retention and on to 9th grade Algebra 1.

University Study: 1.2 Year Gain In 10 Weeks
With Comprehension Upgrade, Grade 5

by Dr. Juanita Cole, UC San Diego
Casa De Oro & Valencia Park Elementary Schools, San Diego CA

Fifth grade students in an after-school reading intervention program were randomly assigned to complete the Comprehension Upgrade course or a control program. The Comprehension Upgrade group showed a 1.2 grade level gain on the GORT-4 comprehension assessment within 10 weeks of sessions 2 times per week. All subgroups of race and gender showed at least one year of growth.

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UC San Diego Study: 1 Year Gain In 8 Weeks
With Reading Upgrade, Grade 3

by Dr. Juanita Cole
Valencia Park Elementary School, San Diego Unified School District

Students in a before-school Reading Enrichment Program were randomly assigned to complete the Reading Upgrade course or the standard program. The Reading Upgrade group showed one grade level of improvement within 8 weeks of starting the course.

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New Mexico State University Study
of Adolescent Special Needs

by Patricia Lohman-Hawk, Ph.D. New Mexico State University

Special needs students ages 14 to 18 identified with Specific Language Impairment completed the Reading Upgrade course within 7 weeks. Participants made significant improvement in reading, spelling, and language.

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Early Results Show Growth With Math Upgrade
Jr High School in South Texas

Sixth Grade At Risk Group Shows Gains of Almost 1 Year Within First Hours of Math Upgrade

A group of sixth grade students who did not pass the math TAKS test in 2006 were enrolled in Math Upgrade. Students were given a Star Math pre-test and an interim re-test after the first weeks of completing the course. The results documented math growth of almost one year (0.89 year) with an average of just 2 to 3 hours time-on-task and 11 levels (out of 60) through the course.

La Costa Canyon High School: Struggling Readers Show Gains of 2+ Years Within 8 Weeks

Teacher Sarah McNary conducted a trial of six struggling readers using the Woodcock-Johnson Reading Subtests as a pre/post measure. Every student made significant gains, with average gains of 2.8 years in comprehension and even greater gains in letter recognition and word attack. The district is now conducting a district-wide special needs trial of Reading Upgrade.

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Branson School Online, Colorado: Gains of 0.5 to 2.5 Years In 2 Months With Students Working At Home

Teacher Rachel Losey at this public virtual school serving students at home conducted a 2-month study with 10 students grades 4 to 10. Students made gains of up to 2.5 years in reading, with an average gain of 1 year. Students completed either the Reading Upgrade or Comprehension Upgrade course at home. Teachers monitored progress on-line using the reports in Reading Upgrade. The school is now implementing the courses school-wide for struggling readers.

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SL High School Arizona: Gains of 1 to 3 Years In Reading With Special Needs/ESL High School Students

Students who were both English learners and having special needs completed the Reading Upgrade course in Spring Semester 2006. One student was diagnosed with dyslexia, and two with SLD. All three students were reading at the primer or 1st grade level. Students made gains of 1 to 3 years in reading after spending from 12 to 17 hours each completing the course lessons. Their teacher reports: “I’m convinced that your program works and will increase student’s reading ability.”

Chatsworth High School LAUSD:
Special Needs Students Show Rapid Gains

In Spring 2002, Teacher Arnie Mitchnick led 20 high school special needs students through the Reading Upgrade course over a four-week period. Students completed the course in daily sessions with web-connected computers. Using pre- and post-test results from the McCall-Rabbs text, Mr. Mitchnick reported an average of almost one full grade level (0.8) gain in reading. Nine students improved more than one grade level, and 18 students out of 20 showed some improvement.

ESEAL High School, Pensacola Florida:
One Grade Level Improvement in 8 Weeks

This innovative center for troubled high school students in Pensacola Florida is putting Reading Upgrade to work teaching basic reading skills. In Fall 2001, 20 students reading below the fourth grade level completed the Reading Upgrade intervention over an eight week period. Students showed an average of one full grade level improvement in reading. All three non-readers became readers, and one student jumped three grade levels in reading. Teachers achieved these gains without any new staff development, equipment, or direct instruction. Every day, each student worked on the web-based course for 45 minutes in a 10-student groups at the computer lab.

Banyan Tree Day School: Success With Learning Disabled Students

All new students at this successful Day School for learning disabled students in San Diego complete the Reading Upgrade on-line course. Students grades 2 to 8 use daily 45-minute sessions on a standard internet-connected computer. In the Summer 2001 session, over 20 students worked at the course each day. In just six weeks, students shows measurable gains in word decoding ability. Teachers observed a greater willingness among students to read books. Even students with serious attention problems were able to use the course for 45 minutes with minimal supervision.

READ/San Diego: Adult Learners
Show Dramatic Improvement In 4 Weeks

In Fall of 2001, four adult learners in this library-based adult literacy program completed the Reading Upgrade course with dramatic results. Teacher Jennifer Ferry reports that attendance improved significantly, as learners spent up to three hours each day completing the course. In just four weeks, the learners in post-tests improved almost two grade levels in reading, over one grade level in comprehension, and demonstrated a solid grasp of phonics skills on the Bader Reading Inventory. These gains were made without tutoring and with only limited supervision.

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Loma Verde Elementary: Pull-Out Intervention for 103 Students

Over the spring 2002 quarter, teachers at Loma Verde Elementary in Chula Vista California implemented a pull-out program with 103 struggling readers in 3rd to 6th grade. Students completed the program in 30-minute sessions with 10 students per session, using 10 computers in the library throughout the day. Students improved in both phonics performance (6 point gain in the BPST) and reading performance (0.64 grade level in San Diego Quick test). About half of the students were native Spanish speakers, and these students made gains comparable to the native English speakers. Remarkably, students who entered the course at various reading levels from 0 to 5th grade made similar gains in reading performance. The large-scale intervention required no new computers or staffing.

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