FAQ Friday: Can I Alter Which Levels A Student Has Access To?

Q: Can I Alter Which Levels A Student Has Access To? A: Yes Our courses are designed for students to progress one at a time, from 1 to 60 in math and 1 to 50 in reading and comprehension. There are times a teacher or parent may want to allow their students access to advanced… Read More

FAQ Friday: How Do I Add Students To My Teacher Account?

Once you’ve created a teacher account, logged in, and created a class, you’ll be able to use your license codes to add students. There are two options for adding students. “Add Student Course” allows you to enroll students one at a time, and “Add Multiple Students” allows you to enroll an entire class in multiple… Read More

FAQ Friday: Can I Transfer a Student Course From a Different School Into My Class?

Yes, it is possible to transfer a student course from one school to another.  Although, it is only worthwhile to do this if the student has significant progress. We would need this info: 1.) Student name 2.) Student username/password at former school 3.) Course the student was taking 4.) Former school name 5.) New teacher… Read More

New Feature: Skip the Intro for Repeated Levels

When students who have already earned a bronze medal (75%) on a level go back to REVIEW the lesson again, they will see a “SKIP” button during the instruction (intro and song) at the top of the screen (next to the pause/rewind). Skipping is optional, and only for a repeated lesson already at 75% or… Read More