FAQ Friday: Can I Alter Which Levels A Student Has Access To?

Q: Can I Alter Which Levels A Student Has Access To? A: Yes Our courses are designed for students to progress one at a time, from 1 to 60 in math and 1 to 50 in reading and comprehension. There are times a teacher or parent may want to allow their students access to advanced… Read More

FAQ Friday: How Do I Add Students To My Teacher Account?

Once you’ve created a teacher account, logged in, and created a class, you’ll be able to use your license codes to add students. There are two options for adding students. “Add Student Course” allows you to enroll students one at a time, and “Add Multiple Students” allows you to enroll an entire class in multiple… Read More

FAQ Friday: Where Can I Find the Learning Upgrade Parent Letter?

The Learning Upgrade Parent Letter is used to assist students and parents in using Learning Upgrade courses at home. The Parent Letter can be found in the ‘Print Passwords’ section of the Teacher Menu. Here, you can download/print a version of the Parent Letter in both English and Spanish. Step 1: Log in to Learning… Read More