FAQ Friday: How Do I Add Students To My Teacher Account?

Once you’ve created a teacher account, logged in, and created a class, you’ll be able to use your license codes to add students. There are two options for adding students. “Add Student Course” allows you to enroll students one at a time, and “Add Multiple Students” allows you to enroll an entire class in multiple… Read More

FAQ Friday: Can Two Teachers Have Access to One Student Account?

Q: Can Two Teachers Have Access to One Student Account? A: Yes We find that this is a common question asked by resource teachers, librarians, after school teachers/coordinators, and anyone working with students where they are not the primary instructor. For teachers and administrators to do this, they will have to request (and be granted)… Read More

FAQ Friday: How Do I Sign Up for a Free Teacher Evaluation Course or School Pilot?

This post is to address the question of how to sign up for a free teacher evaluation course or school pilot. 1.) The first step is to identify whether or not you qualify. For either submission, you MUST have a valid school email address from a site in the United States. Submissions using personal email… Read More