Learning Upgrade Launches Teacher Upgrade Interactive Whiteboard Courses

We’ve launched Teacher Upgrade, a new whiteboard course to provide a whole-class solution that makes our lessons convenient, rigorous, and collaborative for teachers. Teacher Upgrade courses offer a new way for teachers to engage with an entire class of students through interactive, whole-class activities accompanied by differentiated individual lessons. Each Teacher Upgrade lesson incorporates exciting songs, videos,… Read More

Research Shows Learning Upgrade Increases Achievement for At-Risk Math Students

How an Innovative Intervention Program Increased Test Scores at a California Middle School Educators at Black Mountain Middle School, located in San Diego, face many of the same challenges as colleagues across the country. A portion of their 8th grade students scored two or even three grade levels below average on their NWEA MAP’s tests… Read More

Read About Our Free Summer School Access on eSchool News

Educators and administrators across the country are looking for innovative, effective ways to ensure their students do not become victims of the ‘summer slide’ as well as attain mastery of state and national standard benchmarks. Learning Upgrade, provider of engaging song and game based curriculum for math and reading, is offering complimentary summer school access… Read More

5 Ways to Maximize Summer Learning

With state testing right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about summer school. Learning Upgrade offers a full curriculum of standards-based reading and math courses for your students to complete over the summer. Sign up for a free school-wide summer school license with Learning Upgrade. Do you want to ensure that your students get the… Read More

Trends | Music as a Teaching Tool

Read about using music as a teaching tool on Ed Tech Digest! When you think of a classroom singing a song together, you probably envision a kindergarten class learning the alphabet or counting. But a new generation of classroom songs has arrived, and this time they’re helping older students learn difficult topics or concepts in… Read More