FAQ Friday: How Do I Create a Class?

Creating classes is an easy way to organize students. It’s similar to creating folders on your computer to organize different groups of documents. This is important if you need to separate certain groups of students for reporting and monitoring. Step 1: Log-inĀ  to your account using the green LogIn button at the top left corner… Read More

FAQ Friday: How Do I Create a Username and Account for My School License?

Before you can begin enrolling students in Learning Upgrade courses, you must first create a username and password.This tutorial will walk you through the process. Step 1: Visit our homepage at http://www.learningupgrade.com and click on “New User” Step 2: Fill out the required information fields. For “Code*”, you may enter the student or teacher add… Read More

FAQ Friday: Can Two Teachers Have Access to One Student Account?

Q: Can Two Teachers Have Access to One Student Account? A: Yes We find that this is a common question asked by resource teachers, librarians, after school teachers/coordinators, and anyone working with students where they are not the primary instructor. For teachers and administrators to do this, they will have to request (and be granted)… Read More

FAQ Friday: What Do I Do If I’ve Forgotten My Username or Password?

With all of the usernames and passwords we use online each day, it’s understandable that you might forget one or two. If you’ve forgotten your Learning Upgrade username or password, you can always callĀ 800-998-8864 or send an email to info@learningupgrade.com. Just have your name and school name ready, and we’ll be happy to retrieve any… Read More