Learning Upgrade enables adult learners to learn anywhere using their own smartphones or computers.  Over 900 English and math CCRS-aligned lessons help accelerate growth in literacy, ESL, ABE, and GED classes. Learning Upgrade is used by adult learners at adult schools, community colleges, libraries, literacy centers, and more!

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An App That Changes Lives!

Smartphone Blended Learning

Adult Ed providers can integrate Learning Upgrade into ESL and ABE classes to accelerate growth in reading and math.  Learners start at their own level and rapidly move up through step-by-step, high interest lessons. Instructors track progress through detailed web-based reports. Learning Upgrade help learners achieve breakthroughs to qualify for HSE diploma and CTE programs.

Adult School GED® and HiSET® Success

The new Learning Upgrade GED® and HiSET® math courses combined with our English courses prepare learners to pass these difficult HSE tests.  Smartphone access give learners an opportunity to “binge learn” at home, with innovative teaching videos, rigorous practice and audio-visual help for every incorrect answer.  These courses have proven successful with adult school students who previously failed HSE tests multiple times.

Immigrant and Refugee Centers

To help non-readers get started, Learning Upgrade includes lessons on the alphabet, print awareness, phonics, numbers, and counting.  The courses have proven effective with non-literate refugees and immigrants unfamiliar with the roman script. The use of songs, videos, games, and rewards provides a friendly, comfortable, and private way for learners to start their journey to proficiency.

Workforce Education

Through Learning Upgrade employers can enrich the lives of their associates by moving them up to proficiency in reading and math.  Each associate can use their own smartphone at home or computers at work to complete a full literacy and numeracy curriculum. The app can move an associate up to the level where traditional workforce training becomes effective.

Library Literacy Programs

In Library literacy programs, learners use the Learning Upgrade app while working with a tutor or while they are waiting to be placed with a tutor. The literacy program tutors and administrators can then use detailed assessment reports to help guide instruction and intervention.

Why Learning Upgrade for Adult Ed?

Learners accelerate the path to their goals

  • Faster growth to NRS, CASAS, TABE levels
  • Qualify for HSE and CTE programs
  • Smartphones expand access, increase time-on-task
  • Increase passing rates for GED and HiSET
  • Detailed reporting for assessment and time tracking
  • 21 total courses from Kinder to Adult Ed
  • 900+ lessons with songs, video, and games
  • English, reading, math and GED® prep
  • Available on the web, smartphones, and tablets

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Formative Assessment Reports

Students are continuously completing activities that measure performance on each lesson. The results provide the basis for advancement or repetition to mastery. Teachers have a real-time view of every student’s progress on every lesson and standard.

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Proven Breakthrough Growth

Over 1 million students in over 4,000 schools have completed Learning Upgrade lessons. The results include school-wide growth in math, English, and reading, as well as breakthroughs with special needs learners, English learners, adult learners, and Title I students.

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Free to Start, Affordable to Grow

Learning Upgrade is free to start and affordable to grow. Get started with a free pilot, then expand to a classroom, school, district, or state. All pilots and licenses include full access to all Learning Upgrade courses. We can also provide web based training and support.

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