Students are continuously completing activities that measure performance on each lesson. The results provide the basis for advancement or repetition to mastery. Teachers have a real-time view of every student’s progress on every lesson and standard.

All of our licenses include Web-based reports at the student, class, and school level to give teachers and parents interactive access to each student’s progress in real time.


Monitor Your Students By Each Standard

In our standards aligned Student Monitor, you can view student progress by standard in real time. You can filter by name, course, level, and date. Hover over each standard for in depth data on student progress. Teachers can easily identify weaknesses in student performance for follow up instruction.

Student Monitor By Course

This graphical report in our Student Monitor shows each student and the “medal” for each lesson completed in each course. Since there is a green triangle on every level completed “today”, you can find out if any students are not completing levels. The certificate buttons on the right enable you to print certificates for students. The monitor updates every 5 minutes, or you can press Update to refresh student progress.



School Wide Tracking

Our Student Progress Report allows you to Track your entire schools’ progress from one report, including hours played, certificates earned, and percentage scored.

School Wide Pacing Guide

Our Student Pacing Report for teachers shows the pace of every student, and estimates each student’s hours to completion on their assigned courses. You can specify a completion date, and it will display the hours per week needed for each student to complete each course.  For example, put in the date for an upcoming state test, and you can see what each student needs to do each week to finish before the test.



Individual Student Course Reports

Our Student Summary Report shows how students are performing on a course broken down by each lesson. Teachers can see the high score, initial score, the number of times played, the date the level was last played, and the total number of minutes a student has spent on an individual lesson.

Additional Teacher Reports and Administrator Reports

  • Teacher Summary Report: shows how many students have started or earned certificates in each course.
  • Teacher Level Report: shows how many students are currently on a particular level in each course. This enables you to track overall students progress through the courses.
  • Average Score Reports: these reports for each course show the average scores for all of your students, as well as average time per level and other data. These reports are valuable to assess the common weaknesses and strengths among all of your enrolled students.
  • Administrator Reports are similar to teacher reports but summarize data for all students and teachers within one school or district.

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