Castle Park Middle Gains

Castle Park Middle is located in Chula Vista, California within the Sweetwater Union High
School District. The school is an urban school with 96% minority students, 88%
economically disadvantaged, and 65% English learners. During the 2012-2013 school
year, the school implemented the Learning Upgrade program for math intervention, as
part of the overall Granger Turnaround Model (GTM) for school-wide turnaround.

The Learning Upgrade program consists of online courses for students to complete at
school and at home. The courses are high-interest featuring songs, video, and games to
motivate students and teach difficult topics in new ways. Each course covers the math
standards for one grade level with review back to fill in gaps. Teachers track student
progress to the gold certificate level of mastery through web-based reports.

Castle Park Middle implemented the Learning Upgrade program within academic
supports for students needing intervention. The supports were both in school and in
after school sessions. Teachers tracked student progress to ensure mastery in each
assigned course.

The school achieved significant gains in math for the school as a whole in all grade levels
and for subgroups of students within one school year. This report details the results.

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