How Schools Achieved School-Wide Gains In Reading and Math With Learning Upgrade

A group of schools that implemented the Learning Upgrade program with model
best practices achieved school-wide gains in math and reading for the 2011-12
school year. The schools improved significantly in school-wide test scores and
APIs. Each school overcame challenges including high numbers of at-risk
students (Title I, minority, English Learners).

The Learning Upgrade program consists of online courses for students to
complete at school and at home. The courses are high-interest featuring songs,
video, and games to motivate students and increase learning. Teachers track
student progress to mastery, which is a gold certificate, through web-based
reports. The courses have been successful moving far below basic students
including Title I, special needs, and English learners to proficiency in reading and
math within one school year.

This white paper documents schools that achieved their goal, including API and
statewide test scores, to document the gains.

The success of these schools in achieving gains within one school year serves
as a model template for other schools to implement. This document summarizes
this model program.

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