Introducing the New Learning Upgrade LMS!

We’ve been hard at work over the past few months integrating key features requested by our teachers and admins for this new release, and we’re excited for everyone to see it. We’ve also refined our existing functionality to retain everything our users know and love, but with a more modern and feature rich tool set. We’re putting together the final pieces now, but couldn’t wait to share this sneak peak.

Learning Upgrade LMS Classes

A Teacher Experience Built Around Classes

The first thing you’ll notice when logging in to the new learning management system as a teacher is the redesigned Classes tab.  We’ve brought your classes front and center to help you quickly access what matters most. You can quickly create and edit your classes with custom names and images. Each class thumbnail will also display the number of active students to compare progress across groups.

LMS Classes ScreenShot

Quickly Manage Your Class, and Student Accounts

The biggest updates to the Learning Upgrade LMS can be found on the Class Students page. Everything you used to do in the Students and Coureses tab can now be done here on one page. We’ve added the ability to select multiple (or all) students, and apply global actions like assigning courses, removing courses, printing report cards, and printing student login information. You can also access all of these actions and more for each student in your class.

LMS Classes Details ScreenShot
LMS Student Details ScreenShot

New Student Report Cards

One of the new student action items you’ll find is the Student Report Card. This was a top request from existing users that wanted a quick snapshot of each student’s progress across multiple Learning Upgrade courses. With the Report Card, you’ll see all courses, scores, and time on task.

LMS Student Details ScreenShot

See Student Details - Add/Edit Courses

The student details menu gets a complete refresh with new features and functionality. You can now view and edit all student account information, course information, and progress data in one spot. We also have a new lesson selection menu to assign lessons.

Lesson Selection

Onboarding Students Has Never Been Easier

LMS Student Details ScreenShot

Student Self Enrollment

You can generate class codes and send out self enrollment guides for students to self enroll. As students get started, you can track their journey. You'll see every step including account creation, assessment, course placement, course progress, and course completion.

Upload Your Class With a Spreadsheet Template

If you have a student roster you would like to upload, you can download our template and create accounts for your students. We'll then provide you with a login guide for each student, and they can start making progress in their Learning Upgrade account.

Add Existing Students At Your Site

If you're new to a site already using Learning Upgrade, or have an account with a pre-populated roster, you can use our existing student uploader to populate your class with existing Learning Upgrade students.

Reports Are Better Than Ever

All of the great reports our teachers loved in the old LMS have made their way into the new LMS. Although they’ll look and operate the same, the filters are more intuitive, the layout is cleaner, and the load speeds are faster. We’ve also implemented one-click export buttons to print reports and view data in other programs.

Learning Upgrade Reports

Roles Have Been Redefined

lu lms roles

As Learning Upgrade has grown, our user base has grown right along with us. With that growth we’ve seen the need for roles with a larger scope. We’ve redefined our site admin role with new tools to manage teachers, students, and licenses. We also have a new organizational admin role for individuals at the district, county, or state level needing administrative access to multiple sites.

Coming Soon - Fall 2021

The new Learning Upgrade LMS is slated to be released in Fall of 2021. The initial launch will include full access for members with an active site license. We will be conducting a series of webinars and will provide full written documentation to assist our current users with the transition.

Learning Upgrade LMS Classes