Teachers and students access the Learning Upgrade courses through a web browser on a computer or tablet. There is no software to install. Teachers create a username and password to log into the learningupgrade.com web site, and then provide access to each enrolled student with a username and password.

The requirements for each platform are shown below. All platforms require a bandwidth of about 80kbs per connected student. The best way to test compatibility is to play our DEMO on the device.

Windows / Mac

  • web browser
  • Flash player 6+
  • speakers/headphones

Image of Flash Player


  • No special requirements
  • Open browser, visit learningupgrade.com


  • Requires the free Athena Browser app.
  • Download from the App store, run the Athena Broswer app, and click on the Learning Upgrade icon or navigate to learningupgrade.com.

2 thoughts on “Technical Requirements

  1. Hello. You’re seeing a black screen on your tablet because you’re not using a Flash enabled browser. You can download the Dolphin Browser or Photon Browser in the Play Store to remedy this.

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