LIRS Volunteer Training Guide

In this guide, we’ll walk you through setting up your account, creating WhatsApp groups, tracking student progress, providing students with their account info, and viewing reports.

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Step 1: Logging In

You will receive an email prompting you to setup your Learning Upgrade account password. If you did not receive this email, check your spam folder and/or send us an email at

Once you have your password set, you can login to start setting up your class. 

LMS Login

Step 2: Setting Up Your Class

As soon as you login to your new teacher account, you’ll see that a class has been created for you. Click on the class tile to view your roster of students.

Create a Class

After clicking on your class, you’ll see your roster of students displayed in a table. You can reference the ‘Last Played Date’ column to see which students have started their coursework. You’ll also see their list of active courses.

After viewing your class roster, you’ll want to open a dialogue with each student. To do this on WhatsApp, click the 3-dot ‘⋮ ‘ menu at the far right of each student row. A list of menu items will appear, with ‘Send From Personal WhatsApp Message’ at the bottom. By clicking on this, your personal WhatsApp account will open, and you can say hello to each student. Your first message should be an introduction as a volunteer, and also a reference to the status in getting started. If a student has not started in the app, try to find out why via WhatsApp.

Not all students will have a WhatsApp/SMS number on account. If they do not, click on the student’s name in your class to pull up their student details screen. You will see all contact info here. If the student has an email address, you can reach out to them via email. If not contact info is listed for the students, we will try to work with LIRS to provide a contact method.

After opening the individual dialogue with each student, you can create a WhatsApp group with all students that have a WhatsApp account. This will create a sense or community in an online classroom. After creating the group, introduce yourself as the group mentor. You can let the students know to use the group chat feature for questions, comments, and success stories.

Step 3: Class Features

For a detailed look at student accounts, you can view a student details screen by clicking on their name in your class. In Student Details, you can edit student account information, assign lessons, unlock a course, and view progress data in one spot.

Student Details

You can also access student report cards and session data for each student in your class. You can do this by accessing the student three dot ‘⋮ ‘ menu or selecting multiple students and using the grey ‘Perform Action’ button. You can also use these steps to assign courses, remove courses, and print/view their passwords.

To view a session log, click the graph icon button on the far right of each student row.

Step 4: Report Features

Once your students have access to a Learning Upgrade account and begin completing lessons, it’s time to track and monitor their progress using the Reports Tab. 

The first thing you notice is a handy dashboard that lets you track your students progress over time. This dashboard with show progress over the last month, but you can zoom in using the slider bar above the graph.

Reports Dashboard

Below the dashboard, you’ll find a full progress summary, and customizable reports. We will have five reports live at the launch of our new LMS, with many more to come later. Each report has filters so that you can customize the data you wish to see.

  • The Student Monitor is a graphical representation of student progress. Use this report to see student activity in real time. Each cell represents a lesson and will be color coordinated to show gold (>95%), silver (>90%), bronze (>75%), or red (<75%).
  • The Student Progress Report is a table based report to view time on task data for student courses or overall student activity.
  • The Student Time Report is a session log for your class that will detail every session your students log on the app.
  • Student Pacing Report is guidance report to show you how much time on task your students will need each week to finish their Learning Upgrade courses.
  • The Growth Report is where you’ll see total student growth across English and Math. View the English Subject and Math Subject reports to get a detailed breakdown by subject areas.

Step 5: Use Teacher Whiteboard Course

What is a Teacher Whiteboard?

The Teacher Whiteboard version of Learning Upgrade lets you project any lesson to your whole class using an interactive whiteboard, projector or large display. Add access, then press start from the computer attached to your whiteboard.
You can jump to any lesson in any course! Click on a course to explore the lesson map. Use the SKIP and Back Arrow buttons to skip sections and return to the lesson map.

If you have an interactive whiteboard, students can come up to the board to answer questions. You can create team games with groups of students. Use the class reports to determine weak areas and review those lessons interactively with the whole class.

The Teacher Whiteboard access requires one seat from your school license. You can add or remove access at any time.

How to Add a Teacher Whiteboard

Login to your LMS account as a teacher and you’ll see a new tab for Teacher Whiteboard. By default, the Teacher Whiteboard will be Inactive. You can toggle this switch to activate the whiteboard course for your account. After activating the Teacher Whiteboard, you’ll see a red play button that will launch the Teacher Whiteboard in a new tab.