Digital Curriculum Vs. Traditional Textbooks: A Research Study

From The Learning Counsel

“As educators, we are always asking ourselves, are the resources we make available to our students moving the needle? What is the right mix of direct instruction, one on one time, and engaging software? I ask myself these questions every day. We are charged with giving our students the best possible opportunities and experiences for success throughout their schooling years and beyond.”


“During my 9 years of teaching middle school math, trends have surfaced and sparked an interest in me to dig deeper into the use and efficacy of digital resources, as intervention in my math classes. What started as part of my program to gain administrator certification has led to a two-year research study that sought to prove the efficacy of my work in the classroom and the digital resources we use. In order to obtain objective results, I designed and implemented a way to collect, analyze, and interpret data that compared students who used a digital intervention with those who did not.”

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