English Upgrade Kindergarten Is Now Available!

English Upgrade K (Kindergarten) is now available! English Upgrade K is the perfect way to introduce your students to reading and writing fundamentals. You can add English Upgrade K to any student account starting today.

Who is English Upgrade K for?

  • Kindergarten students can use EU K to cover all standards and prepare for first grade success
  • Students with reading difficulties, dyslexia, and struggling readers can use EU K to master the fundamentals
  • English learners can use EU K to learn the basics of reading and writing, and to expand their vocabulary

What does English Upgrade K teach?

  • Alphabet: upper and lowercase letters
  • Letter sounds: phonics, vowel sounds, consonant blends
  • Print concepts: letters, words, sentences, pages, book covers
  • Phonemic Awareness: hearing parts of words, substitute sounds
  • Comprehension: main idea, details, characters
  • Vocabulary: sight words, colors, animals, opposites, food
  • Spelling: typing out simple words
  • Writing: sentences, capitalize, end punctuation

English Upgrade Kindergarten Is Now Available!

With the addition of English Upgrade K, your Learning Upgrade subscription now provides access to 16 courses containing 960 lessons!

English Upgrade Kindergarten Is Now Available!