Learning Upgrade Placement Tests Now Available

Placement tests are now available with every Learning Upgrade school license. Teachers can add our new English and math placement tests to student accounts for a quick student assessment and automated course placement. Getting started is quick and easy, and student accounts can be ready to go in just a few steps.

As a teacher, you can decide whether to assign a specific leveled course for your students, such as English 3, based on your own assessments, or to assign the English placement test which would place the student in one of the courses English K to 5.

Click the ‘Add New Students’ button in the Teacher Menu and select the Math Place and/or English Place in the ‘Course’ drop down menu.

*You can also add our new placement courses to existing student accounts by clicking the ‘Add Course’ button next to their name in your Teacher Menu.

You will now see an EP and/or MP course for English Place and Math Place next to your student’s names.

When your students login to their accounts, they will see buttons for ‘English Placement’ and/or ‘Math Placement’. They can click on the placement buttons to launch the assessment course. 

Once your students have completed their assessment, Learning Upgrade will place them in the appropriate English or Math Upgrade course.

If you would like more information about our new placement tests, you can email me at drew@learningupgrade.com or call (800) 998 8864.