Tracking Time-On-Task With Your Learning Upgrade Account

With your Learning Upgrade license, students are continuously completing activities that measure performance on each lesson. These results provide the basis for advancement or repetition to mastery. With your Learning Upgrade teacher account, you have a real-time view of every student’s progress on every lesson and standard. You can also view web-based reports for individual students or your entire class.

In this post, I’m going to highlight our four most popular reports for tracking student time-on-task.

The Student Monitor

The Student Monitor report shows each student’s courses with a bronze, silver, or gold medal for each lesson completed. A green triangle shows on lessons completed “today”. The certificate buttons on the right enable you to print achievement certificates for completed courses. The student monitor refreshes automatically every 5 minutes, or you can press ‘Update’. You can filter a class by name, course, level, and date. Hover over each lesson for in-depth data on student progress. Teachers can easily identify weaknesses in student performance for follow up instruction. To launch this report, click the ‘STUDENT MONITOR’ button in your Teacher Menu.

Student Progress Report

Our Student Progress Report allows you to track your class, or an entire schools’ progress using one report. Get an in-depth look at time-on-task with student hours played, certificates earned, percentage scored on each lesson, average scores for each course, and last log-in. You can also set a date parameter to view student and site data for a given time period. To launch this report, click on the Reports Tab in your Teacher Menu and click ‘Student Progress Report by Date’.

School Wide Pacing Guide

Our Student Pacing Report for teachers shows the pace of every student, and estimates each student’s hours to completion on their assigned courses. You can specify a completion date, and it will display the hours per week needed for each student to complete each course. For example, put in the date for an upcoming state test, and you can see what each student needs to do each week to finish before the test. To launch this report, click on the Reports Tab in your Teacher Menu and click ‘Student Pacing Report by Completion Date’.

Student Summary Report

Our Student Summary Report shows how students are performing on a course broken down by each lesson. Teachers can see the high score, initial score, the number of times played, the date the level was last played, and the total number of minutes a student has spent on an individual lesson. To launch this report, click on the Courses Tab in your Teacher Menu and click the ‘Report’ button next to any student course.

If you would like to learn more about tracking time-on-task with Learning Upgrade, you can book a no-cost webinar with us. Just email