Introducing Digital Literacy! Learning Upgrade’s New 60-Lesson Course

Introducing Digital Literacy!

Digital Literacy is a new course within the Learning Upgrade app which gives learners comprehensive instruction in digital technology. Students will learn about devices, data, content creation, communication, security, privacy, digital citizenship, technology, and more!

Digital Literacy

The highly anticipated new Digital Literacy course in the Learning Upgrade program teaches digital literacy standards.  The 60 engaging lessons use video, music, games, and rewards to help learners understand difficult tech topics. Learners get experience with content creation, messaging, data, privacy, security, and digital citizenship.

Now available on the web, Android devices, and iOS devices.

  • A new course with 60 brand new lessons
  • For adults, and grades 9 to 12
  • For learners at Grade5+, NRS 5+ reading level
  • Topics cover Devices, Data, Content Creation, Communication, Security and Privacy, Digital Citizenship, Technology, and more
  • Songs, video, games and rewards to engage students
  • Repetition to mastery then auto advance to next course
  • Detailed assessment reports including time-on-task

Digital Literacy Lesson Demos

Lesson 8: Cloud vs Local

Lesson 19: Documents

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Title: Digital Literacy? There’s an App for That!

Date: Apr 23, 2020 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Learn all about Learning Upgrade’s newest 60-lesson course, Digital Literacy.

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