Learning Upgrade Student Web App Transitioning to HTML5 and Will No Longer Require Adobe Flash

Learning Upgrade Transitioning From Adobe Flash to HTML5 Before January 2021

Learning Upgrade is transitioning our student web app to an HTML5 version that does not require the Adobe Flash player. The beta version of the HTML5 web app is available now on the login page. The final version will go live in December 2020 before the scheduled end of Flash player support on December 31,  2020. 

The HTML5 version is for non-mobile platforms: Chromebook, Windows, Mac.  Mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPAD, and Android smartphones use our mobile app which does not require Adobe Flash.

We have designed the HTML5 version to have the same functionality as the Flash version, including the songs, videos, and interactive games that our students and educators know and love. 

***Note that the HTML5 version will require a recent up-to-date version of web browsers that supports WebGL.***

Thank you for your patience through this transition.  Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible for teachers and students. We’re excited to hear your feedback as your students begin to test the new HTML5 beta login. Please reach out to us at info@learningupgrade.com with any questions or comments regarding the new web app.