Webinar: Reversing the COVID Slide - Panel Discussion

Title: Reversing the COVID Slide – A Panel Discussion

The COVID pandemic has dramatically altered the traditional learning growth path of students as they move through their grade level curriculum. Students are now making slower gains or even losing ground. Educators need new solutions to move each student back up to grade level as soon as possible. In this discussion panel, we will explore creative ideas from education thought leaders committed to reversing this ‘COVID Slide’. Join us to hear their innovative solutions and take part in the discussion as we work to stop learning loss globally.

Webinar Panelists:

  • Vinod Lobo and Drew Robinson – Learning Upgrade
  • Michele Diecuch – ProLiteracy
  • Prasad Ram – Gooru
  • Curtis Ward – Southern Crescent Technical College
  • Monica Groves – XPRIZE Foundation
  • Michael Matos – Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition
  • Kurt Hulett – Let’s Go Learn, Inc.
  • Richard Capone – Let’s Go Learn, Inc.

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Poll Results: Reversing the COVID Slide – A Panel Discussion

Q1: In what type of educational institution do you work?

49% Adult Educational School

21% Library / Literacy Center

15% Other

8 % College

7% K-12 School

Q2: Are you currently using a remote online instruction program?

65% Yes

35% No

Q3: What is your educational role?

51% Admin/Coordinator

34% Teacher/Instructor

10% Other

5% Tutor

Q4: What is the biggest educational issue during the Covid pandemic?

50% Remote Learning

36% Attendance

7% Assessment

7% Instruction

Q5: In what type of educational institution do you work?

51% Yes

49% No