We’ve Updated The Teacher Whiteboard In The Learning Upgrade LMS

What is a Teacher Whiteboard?

The Teacher Whiteboard version of Learning Upgrade lets you project any lesson to your whole class using an interactive whiteboard, projector or large display. Add access, then press start from the computer attached to your whiteboard.
You can jump to any lesson in any course! Click on a course to explore the lesson map. Use the SKIP and Back Arrow buttons to skip sections and return to the lesson map.

If you have an interactive whiteboard, students can come up to the board to answer questions. You can create team games with groups of students. Use the class reports to determine weak areas and review those lessons interactively with the whole class.

The Teacher Whiteboard access requires one seat from your school license. You can add or remove access at any time.

How to Add a Teacher Whiteboard

Login to your LMS account as a teacher and you’ll see a new tab for Teacher Whiteboard. By default, the Teacher Whiteboard will be Inactive. You can toggle this switch to activate the whiteboard course for your accout.

After activating the Teacher Whiteboard, you’ll see a red play button that will launch the Teacher Whiteboard in a new tab.