Work Life Skills Now Available in the Learning Upgrade App!

Learning Upgrade’s new Work Life Skills course prepares people for success in their jobs, in school, and in life by teaching key soft skills.  This course includes lessons in communication, personal qualities, interpersonal skills, social emotional learning, and work preparation. This innovative course helps develop the foundation for success in the workplace.

This new course is available to all accounts with an existing license. To access the new course, students must have app version >2.75.

  • 30 Lessons cover a wide variety of critical work skills
  • For adults and high school students
  • For learners at Grade5+, NRS 5+ reading level
  • Lessons include  teamwork, time management, self-awareness, and networking
  • Songs, video, games and rewards to engage students
  • Repetition to mastery then auto advance to next course
  • Detailed assessment reports including time-on-task