Financial Literacy Now Available!

We are excited to announce Financial Literacy, a valuable addition to our award-winning education app. This comprehensive new course is designed to prepare people for personal and small business financial success. With an in-depth focus on planning, earning, spending, saving, borrowing, and entrepreneurship, the course gives learners a variety of financial skills. Our engaging lessons, complete with songs, videos, games, and rewards, will guide each learner through difficult financial topics. Learners will build self-reliance and prepare themselves for a secure financial future!

A New 30-Lesson Course Covering Planning, Earning, Spending, Saving, Borrowing, and Small Business

Help Your Students Improve Their Financial Literacy with Our Comprehensive New Course

The Financial Literacy course prepares learners for success with both personal and small business finance.  This course includes lessons covering banking, mobile finance, loans, and budgets.  Learners become familiar with financial statements and business fundamentals.  This course gives learners an opportunity to develop the vocabulary and skills for financial success.

  • 30 Lessons cover both personal and business finance
  • For adults and high school students
  • For learners at Grade5+, NRS 5+ reading level
  • Includes lessons for entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Songs, video, games and rewards to engage students
  • Repetition to mastery then auto advance to next course
  • Detailed assessment reports including time-on-task

Lesson Topic Areas

  • Planning:  Budgets, Financial Planning, College
  • Earning:  Job types, Receiving Wages, Pay Stubs
  • Spending:  Credit cards, Mobile Payments, Rent, Insurance
  • Saving: Bank Accounts, Investments, Retirement
  • Borrowing: Loans, Buy a Car, Buy a Home, College Finance
  • Small Business:  Startup, Recordkeeping, Financials, Marketing

View a Financial Literacy Lesson for 'Financial Planning'

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Small Business Entrepreneurship

The Financial Literacy course contains lessons to help entrepreneurs and small business owns to start and run a business.  The Small Business Basics lesson teaches 10 steps to start a business.  Business Registration lists the steps to register a new business with the government and banks.  Record Keeping and Financial Statements lessons help owners learn the basics of small business finance.  And the Sales and Marketing lesson teaches the basics of promoting a business and selling a product.  The goal of these lessons is to give people a foundation of basic knowledge to build from as they grow their businesses.

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