Learning Upgrade Has A New Mobile App!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Learning Upgrade mobile app! The app is available now as a free download from the Google Play Store. We expect to have the app ready for the Apple App Store later this year.

You can read more about the launch of our app on The Learning Council, and see how we use our “New Mobile App to Serve ELLs on the Go

Learning Upgrade App Google Play Store
Learning Upgrade App Google Play Store

From the Learning Council:

Learning Upgrade, an innovative ed tech company providing digital, differentiated literacy curriculum designed for English language learners (ELLs), today announce the launch of a mobile app to increase accessibility and expand offerings to a wide range of English learners.

The app enables students to access Learning Upgrade’s high-interest musical lessons on their own using any device, including phones and tablets. With the app, Learning Upgrade aims to improve students’ time on task by no longer limiting them to sitting in front of a computer. ELLs of all ages are now able to work through lessons anytime and anywhere.

“Low-literate, low-income adults often do not have computer and internet access at home. However, about 75% of them do own a smartphone,” said Vinod Lobo, co-founder and CEO of Learning Upgrade. “If effective learning can be delivered through smartphones, more ELLs can ‘self-serve’ by downloading the program on to their phone, signing in, and making progress. This way, millions of learners that are not served by schools or adult education can finally receive quality literacy instruction.”

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