Engagement is at the Heart of Growth in Adult Learners

It’s no secret that by increasing engagement in K-12 students, achievement levels grow exponentially. Naturally, the same concept applies to adult learners. Sweetwater Union High School District serves 25,000+ adult learners in southern California, to help achieve English Language Proficiency.

Over the past school year, Sweetwater Adult Education Leadership has engaged their learners where they want to learn: on their smartphones. The district provided its students with access to Learning Upgrade’s English Upgrade lessons through its iOS and Android mobile apps. The results were nothing short of amazing. Adult Learners with CASAS Pre-Test Scores 210 or below, gained an average of 7.8 points on their CASAS post test.

Showing any CASAS gains in a 10-week period is a feat in itself. English language learners, even more so with adult learners, often struggle for years to make similar progress. The drop-out rates for adult ESL classes is high. A program that effectively moves students toward completion is a success in itself; improving 10 CASAS points advances a student a full functional reading level (e.g. from high beginning to low intermediate). A program that helps students accomplish this in two and a half months is remarkable.

Based on these initial results over 10 weeks with average CASAS gains of 7.8 points for learners with pre-test scores 210 or below, we anticipate that over the full year of the field test, learners using the app will be able to achieve average CASAS gains of more than 10 points. That’s over a full functional reading level improvement! The Learning Upgrade app has proven to be a game changer in the world of ESL and ELL.

View the infographic below for more on Sweetwater’s success using the Learning Upgrade App.

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