Webinar: Getting Started with Learning Upgrade’s Teacher Menu and Reports

In the first of our Best Practices Webinar Series’ we take a look at setting up classes and viewing reports in your Learning Upgrade Teacher Menu.

The focus of this training webinar is the Learning Upgrade Teacher Menu. In the Teacher Menu you’ll find five tabs for Students, Courses, Classes, Teachers, and Reports. In this webinar, you will learn how to use these tabs to onboard students, setup classes, edit student accounts, edit courses, and monitor real time progress. We will finish with a dive into our powerful class reports. You’ll learn how to view site wide time-on-task reports, monitor individual account sessions, and analyze individual student course performance.

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Webinar Chat Log:

09:12:41: What’s an LMS?
09:13:08 : Learning Management System, or system that manages your students, courses, scores, etc.
09:13:25: Learning Management System
09:14:48: Lesson lists, alignments, placement to help you place students in our courses including CASAS/TABE/NRS: https://web.learningupgrade.com/courses/
09:20:22: For admin accounts, other questions, Drew Robinson drew@learningupgrade.com
09:21:17: YouTube Video Onboarding Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=KwKsu1Jm0ws
09:22:20: Why do students’ names appear more than once in the Student Monitor page?
09:22:53: There is one row PER COURSE, and the E1, M2 etc are the course such as English 1, Math 2.
09:23:22: Thanks
09:23:55: Very often learners take math and English at the same time and move back and forth. You can filter out by just one course with circles at the bottom.
09:24:45: Can students choose lessons rather than going from Level 1 and progressing to Level 15?
09:25:34: The instructor using the COURSES TAB EDIT button can move a student ahead, and then the student can move up from that lesson or review back to any lesson. Student on their own move up by earning each lesson above 75%.
09:26:25: Thanks! Why are the lessons beyond level 8 locked?
09:27:30: Home accounts (not your school ones) have lessons locked above 8 during the trial period. This is for learners doing our courses on their own, rather than getting access from their school.
09:30:46 Can you filter the report by class an course so a teacher could make that into lesson for the whole class/
09:31:05: Are the Whole Class Lessons available for algebra?
09:31:27: How can we see all students using the STUDENT MONITOR? There’s no ‘page’ button so if we have more than 30 students say, I can’t see each student
09:31:55: Haven, yes Algebra is included, 60 lessons that are interesting to do whole class especially with an interactive whiteboard.
09:32:43: Jin, there is a scroll on the right to scroll down. Also, you can filter at the bottom circles by just one course, so you can see a whole class with one course on a page.
09:33:13: When I edit a course and type in lesson 60, does it let students take any of the 60 lessons in the strand?
09:33:32: Thanks Vinod!
09:34:14: do any of these classes work well for ESL students that are learning to speak English?
09:35:00: Haven, yes, that is the best practice if you want to have a learner jump to ANY lesson, just set their lesson to 60. They still have to get above 75% on all lessons to earn a certificate.
09:35:21: Got it
09:35:40: Annetts: yes, in fact a large percentage of our adult learners are ESL including non-literate or new arrivals at the very beginning level.
09:36:03: Thank you Vinod!
09:37:15: Annette: use English K for those non-literate, and English 1 for starting from basics. This table shows NRS ESL levels, CASAS, TABE aligned to our courses: https://web.learningupgrade.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/casas_tabe_placement_guide-1.pdf
09:37:56: awesome! Thank you! 🙂
09:39:45: When do courses expire?
09:41:09: Haven, on the courses tab you can see when courses expire, which is basically when your license expires. For pilots this may be for example August 31, 2019.
09:44:33: will you be sending a recording of this webinar
09:44:52: Yes, Drew will be sending a link to the recording.
09:45:00: thanks
09:47:03: When I want to display a lesson to an entire class, do I need a Smart Board? What if my computer has Smart Notebook software, but I display it via a standard projector?
09:47:41: Haven: you can use any projector or big screen, only need a SmartBoard for interaction on the board.
09:48:20: I LOVE Smart Boards, but one of our cites is super old school. Thanks!
09:48:59: Many instructors use projectors, learners answer verbally, teacher uses their own mouse/touchpad to put in their answers, so fake out a smartboard!
09:49:44: Can students use it on a laptop or desktop, or it has to be a mobile device?
09:52:32: Drew, if you unmute me I can ask you a few questions
09:53:05: Thank you Drew!
09:53:07: Thanks, Drew and Vinod!
09:53:19: Great, looking forward to recording to review.
09:54:01: You can also save the messages on this chat by clicking on “more” then “save chat” on the lower right corner.
09:54:27: I attended the Acworth Spring ELL Summit. When will I receive my log in?
09:55:42: Thanks, Drew.
09:55:46: Email me at drew@learningupgrade.com
09:55:50: I am a level teacher. Is there a level 6 (adults) Also is there a writing section?
09:56:51: Thank you!
09:57:02: Thank you!
09:57:17: Thanks so much. Excellent training.
09:57:32: Thank you!
09:57:54: Great presentation!
09:57:55: Just to let you know we were listening together With Barbara Collazo and Rocio Rodriguez