You Can Now Track In-Class vs. Out-Of-Class Student Activity

You can now track in-class vs. out-of-class student activity with your Learning Upgrade license! This new tracking and reporting feature can be activated by request. Your learners will choose “In Class” or “Out of Class” each time they log in to the app, and this activity will be tracked and displayed in a new report called “Student Time Class In Out Report”.

How It Works

Once you have requested the in-class vs. out-of-class feature for your Learning Upgrade license, your learners (with app v1.6.3 or above) will see a new screen after entering their username and password.

You can now view a new report called “Student Time Class In Out Report”. In this report you will see hours completed outside of class, hours completed in class, and the total number of hours spent on the app.

Student Time Class In Out for Upgrade School

Get Started With In-Class vs. Out-of-Class Tracking

  • This feature is by request only. To enable in-class vs. out-of-class tracking on an existing account, email us at
  • Students must use phone/tablet apps version 1.6.3 or above to enable this feature
  • Contact us at to learn more