Citizenship Upgrade Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce Citizenship Upgrade, an exciting addition to our award-winning education app. This comprehensive new course is designed to prepare individuals for success in passing the United States Citizenship and Naturalization Test. With an in-depth focus on civics, reading, writing, and interview skills, learners gain an understanding of the U.S. government, civics, history, and geography. Our engaging lessons, complete with songs, videos, games, and rewards, will prepare each learner for this pivotal milestone. Plus, we’ve ensured that our course aligns with the upcoming changes to the citizenship exam, including a multiple-choice format and the photo speaking response prompts. Your students can get ready to embrace the American dream as a confident U.S. citizen with Citizenship Upgrade!

A New 30-Lesson Course Covering Civics, Reading, Writing, and Interviewing

Help Your Students Ace the U.S. Citizenship Test with Our Comprehensive New Course

Becoming a U.S. citizen involves passing a test covering civics, reading and writing, and an interview. Our comprehensive Citizenship course covers all the essential areas to ensure your students are fully prepared for this life-changing moment.

1. Mastering Civics Knowledge

The heart of the citizenship test lies in civics knowledge. Our course helps students become well-versed in the U.S. government, rights, history, and geography. With 30 in-depth lessons, they’ll gain a thorough understanding of the 100 civics questions from the actual test, ensuring they’re ready for anything that comes their way.

2. Enhance Reading and Writing Skills

For non-English speakers (ESL learners), our course offers targeted English lessons to help them excel in the reading and writing sections of the test. From sentence comprehension to grammar and punctuation, they’ll sharpen their language skills to confidently tackle the questions.

3. Polishing Up On Interviewing Skills

The interview is a crucial aspect of the naturalization process. We provide guidance on developing formal language, displaying the right attitude, listening effectively, and demonstrating awareness during the interview. Our goal is to ensure students approach the interview with confidence and composure.

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Adapting to the New Citizenship Test

Our new course is designed to prepare students for upcoming changes in the citizenship exam. Students will find that Citizenship Upgrade has been carefully tailored to match the upcoming test format with the following features:

1. Multiple Choice Format: The computer-based practice questions follow the new multiple-choice format for Civics questions (CU Lessons 1 to 12).

2. Know All Civics Answers: In the new format, students must be familiar with all correct answers to each question. Our course covers every option to each question (CU Lessons 1 to 12).

3. Photo Speaking Response: In the updated test, students will be shown photos and asked to respond. Our course prepares them for this segment by presenting visuals and related questions (Lessons 17 Instructions, 18 Directions).

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